WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts
WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts


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WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts


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The Ultimate Front Line Rotator Capable of Handling Both Your Recovery and Towing Needs

The Century 1130 30-ton and 1140 40-ton rotators are both designed to be a versatile yet weight-conscious unit for towing and recovery.   The 1130 unit features dual 25,000-lb planetary two-speed winches and a fabricated two-stage recovery boom.  The 1140 unit employs dual 35,000-lb. planetary two speed winches and a choice of a fabricated two- or three-stage recovery boom.  Finally, both the 1130 and 1140 units provide the operator with 360 degrees of boom rotation (190 degrees in each direction) and include an LDU underlift that provides 15,000 lbs. of lift capacity at 136" of extension and that operates independently of the recovery boom.

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156" or 180" C.B. Aluminum Modular Body Rubber Fenderettes & Mud Flaps
Large Compartments Chain Rack & Fork Holders
Compartments Over The Wheel Wall Rubber Isolators
Choice of Chrome Double Action Latches or
     Push to Open/Push to Close Latches
Rigid Torsional Resistant
     Mounting Frame
Keyless Lock/Unlock Tool Compartments Enclosed Inner Wheel Wells
LED Federal #108 Lighting Tailboard Mounted D-Rings (1 Pair)
LED Toolbox Lighting Two Rear Outrigger Spade Attachments


360° Plus of Boom Rotation 3-Stage Hydraulic Rear Outriggers
     with Removable Pads
Proportioning Power Boom Extension
     with Couner Balance Valve
Air Activated House Lock, Secures 
     Boom in Rear or Forward Position
     for Transport
Dual Control Stations House Lock Indicator & Window
Holding Valves for Boom
     Elevation & Extension 
Hydraulic Pump
Nylatron Boom Side Pads 360° Sheave Heads
Boom Angle Indicator Hydraulic Pressure Gauge
      (Driver Side)
Cable Tensioners & Winch
      Air Free Spool
8 Function Wireless Remote
     and 9 Function Floor Mounted
     Switch Panel
Dual 2-Speed Winches (1130)   "D" Rings Mounted on
     1st & 2nd Stage
Hydraulic Front Outriggers (Over Frame) (1140)   "D" Rings Mounted on
     1st & 2nd Stage (2-Stage)
  (1140)   "D" Rings Mounted on
     1st & 3rd Stage (3-Stage)

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Power Elevation & Extension Low Profile Fork Holders
Power Tilt & Hydraulic Fold 8 Pairs of Cast Steel Forks
3-Stage Design 1 Pair of Spring Lift Adapters
Low Profile 70° Pivoting Crossbar 1 Pair of Hook Adapters
2 Piece Pivot Pin Safety Chains in Tailboard
Upper/Lower Thrust Washer  


212" Two-Stage Under-frame
  "H-Beam" Front Outriggers
Radio Proportional Controls with
     Dual Manual Controls 
262" Three-Stage Under-frame
  "H-Beam" Front Outriggers  (1140)
Air Shift PTO
212" RXP Front Outriggers Manual Override Control for PTO
Additional Lift Forks & Attachments Engine Data Information Center
Front Outrigger Side Pull Attachment Tailboard Underlift Controls
4-Stage Rear Outriggers  (1140) 24", 30", 36" or 48" Tunnel Box
Dual 15K Turret Mounted Winch
  (N/A on 1140s with RXP Option)
Chain Rack for 48" Tunnel Box
25K Belly Drag Winch  (1130 only) Shelf Kit for 36" & 48" Tunnel Box
35K Belly Drag Winch
  (N/A on 1140s with Turret Mounted Winches)
Chain & Strap Packages
Solid State Power/Distribution System
     with Wireless Controls and Front &
     Rear Multi-Function Switch Panels
Aluminum Tubular Pylon
LDU Lowrider Underlift Additional Tailboard "D" Rings
SDU-4 Underlift  (1140) Tailboard Cable Tiebacks
SDU-4 LowRider Underlift   (1140) Rear Camera & Monitor
Rear Air & Electrical Hook-ups Navigation System
Side Mounted "D" Rings
     (Over-frame outriggers only)
Xenon Boom Lights
2nd Stage Mounted "D" Rings (3-Stage) (1140) Halogen Work & Hook-Up Lighting
Cam-lock for "D" Ring Hold-Back Additional Lighting
Radio Proportional Illuminated Controls  

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Maximum Angle 60°
Boom Rotation (From Stowed Position) 190° CW & CCW
   Retracted 60,000 lbs.
   Extended 25,000 lbs.
   Maximum Hook Height 354"
   Boom Extension 130"
(1140) 2-Stage  
   Retracted 80,000 lbs.
   Extended 32,000 lbs
   Maximum Hook Height 360"
   Boom Extension 144"
(1140) 3-Stage  
   Retracted 80,000 lbs.
   Extended 20,000 lbs.
   Maximum Hook Height 427"
   Boom Extension 216"


Fully Retracted - 54" 35,000 lbs.
Fully Extended - 130" 15,000 lbs.
Tilt 10° + / -
Tow Rating 80.000 lbs.


Rating (first layer of drum) each Winch 25,000 lbs.
Diameter and Length (each Winch) 5/8" x 200'
Type 6 x 37 IWRC
Rating (first layer of drum) each Winch 35,000 lbs.
Diameter and Length (each Winch) 3/4" x 200'
Type 6 x 37 IWRC


GVWR 54,000 lbs.
Minimum C.B. 156" or 180"
Maximum Cab to Axle (Clear) 228"
Maximum Frame Height 42"
After Frame from Center of Rear Axle 40"
R.B.M. 3,000,000 (in./lbs.)

NOTE:  All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities or capabilities. Specifications shown are approximations and may vary depending on chassis selected. Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc. reserves the right to change or modify product and/or specifications without notice or obligation.  Some equipment shown is optional.

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