WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts
WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts

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The 5230 is designed to be the ideal unit for towing when scale weight is an issue.  The 5230 provides 113" of underlift reach to easily handle most vehicles and is standard with Century's weight-saving aluminum body.  A 30-ton recovery boom and 25,000 lb. winches completes this popular package.

  96" Wide Aluminum Modular Body  Dual Control Stations
 Hydraulic Pressure Gauges  (Drivers Side)  Tailboard Recovery Anchors
 Tailboard Fork & Chain Storage  Safety Chains in Rear Pockets
 3 Large Forward Compartments  Compartments Over the Wheel Well
 Push to Open/Push to Close Latches  Power Toolbox Compartment Locks
 LED Federal Standard #108 Lighting  Flexible Wire Loom
 LED Toolbox Lights  Rubber Fenderettes
 Mud Flaps  Chain Rack
 Fork Holders  Recessed Air & Electrical Hook-Ups
 Adjustable Shelves  Rubber Isolators
 Enclosed Inner Wheel Wells  3-Piece Light Pylon
 Aluminum Tread-Plate Walkway  Power Pal System (Standard on the  4024,
 5130, & 5230) Includes 8-Function, Hand-Held
 Lanyard Control and 9-Function Floor Mounted
 Switch Panel 
 Power Elevation  Power Extension
 Dual Planetary Hydraulic Winches  Air Cable Tensioners
 Air Free Spool  Diagonal Rear Spades
 Flipper Foot Spades  Dual Hydraulic Pump
 360° Sheave Heads  Cable Tie Backs
 Power Elevation  Power Extension
 Power Tilt  Hydraulic Fold
 3-Stage Design  2 Piece Pivot Pin
 Upper/Lower Thrust Washer  Handheld Lanyard
 Low Profile Crossbar  70° Pivoting Crossbar
 Low Profile Fork Holders  8 Pairs of Cast Steel Forks
 1 Pair of Spring Lift Adapters  1 Pair of Hook Adapters
 SP 20000  Air Shift PTO
 Additional Body Lengths  Tailgate Underlift Controls
 24", 30", 36" and 48" Saddle Tunnel  Box  Shelf Kit for 36" and 48" Saddle Tunnel Boxes
 Tunnel Crossovers  Chrome Extrusion Molding
 Convenience Group (Rails & Steps)  Aluminum Dress-Up Kits
 Aluminum Tubular Light Pylon  3 and 4 Drawer Tool Boxes
 Folding Washdown Sink  Offset Fork Holder Extensions
 Fork Riser Brackets  Chain Hook Slide Adapter
 Pintel Hook Attachment  Chain Washdown Compartment
 5th Wheel Plate
 (Requires Pintel Hook Attachment)
 King Pin Attachment
 (Requires Pintel Hook Attachment)
 Trailer Ball Adapter
 (Requires Pintel Hook Attachment)
 Heavy Duty Tire Lift
 Tire Lift Storage Brackets  Ground Penetrating Plate
 Additional Lift Forks  "D" Rings (Tailboard Mount)
 Backlit Control Stations  Flipper Feet Grater Blades
 Low Pull "D" Ring Kit  Endless Loop Sling Package
 Chain Package  Screw Pin Shackle Package
 Recovery Straps  Snatch Block Storage Bar or Rack
 Snatch Blocks  Light Bar
 Boom Angle Indicator  Wide Load Light Bar
 Work & Hook-Up Lighting  Rear Camera & Monitor
 Engine Data Information Center  Navigation System
 Power Touch System Includes 15-Function
 Wired and Wireless Controls, In-Cab
 Underlift Control, and Front & Rear Function
 Switch Panels
 In-Cab Underlift Controls for 4024, 5130, or
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 Boom Structural Rating (S.A.E.)
 Retracted 30° Extended 30°
60,000 lbs. 16,000 lbs.
 Maximum Angle  39°
 Maximum Hook Height (inches)  219"
 Reach Past Tailboard at 30°
 Boom Angle (inches)
 Estimated Shipping Weight (lbs.) *  12,060
 *Estimated shipping weight includes standard body and wrecker.  Allow additional weight for
   added equipment, accessories or optional body lengths.
 Winch Capacity  (2) 25,000 lbs.
 Winch Type  Planetary 2-Speed
 Cable Specifications  5/8" x 200'      6x37   I.W.R.C.
 Capacity Fully Extended
 to C.L. of Forks
 16,000 lbs. @ 113"
 Capacity Fully Retracted
 to C.L. of Forks
 35,000 lbs. @ 49"
 Underlift Tilt  10° + / -
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 Front Axle (lbs.)  13,200
 Rear Axle (lbs.)  40,000
 Clear C.A. / C.B.  156"
 After Frame from Center of Rear Axle  40"
 R.B.M. (in./lbs.)  2,250,000

 *All recommendations are minimums.  Heavier specifications may be required depending on chassis and equipment weight.  Always consult your local distributor or the factory for additional information. The outside frame rails of chassis extending behind the cab must be free of fuel tanks, air tanks, battery boxes, etc.

 All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities or capabilities. Specifications shown are approximations and may vary depending on chassis selected. Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc. reserves the right to change or modify product and or specifications without notice or obligation.  Some equipment shown is optional.

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