"Hydraulic Pivoting Stiff-Leg"

    SP-850 XP

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    All recovery operators have experienced the problems of having traffic backed up with a casualty down in a ravine and the law enforcement not wanting to block lanes of traffic.  The SP 850-XP option can solve these types of situations with a pivoting hydraulic stiff-leg to handle tough side pull recoveries and eliminate the need to block more lanes of traffic than necessary.
    The SP 850-XP is offered in two models using the Vulcan V-70 and the Vulcan V-100.
    The SP 850-XP's standard features will be the same when ordering the recovery unit with either the V-70 or V-100.  Refer to the V-70 or V-100 brochure for specifications on those units.


     (2) 35,000 lb. 2 Speed Planetary Winches  Air Free Spool (1 per winch)
     Air Tensioner (1 per winch)  Directional Sheave Head (1 per leg)
     Recovery D-Ring (1 per leg)  


     XP Leg Spade Attachment  Recovery Lights
     Additional D-Rings  


     Contacting the factory is highly recommended when matching a chassis with the various XP
     models.  A minimum of 228" CT is required.  An 18,000 - 20,000 lb. front axle with a rear
     tri-axle is recommended

    All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities or capabilities.
     Vulcan reserves the right, without notice and without obligation, to improve or modify products,
     which may change the specification, models and feature availability.
     Some optional equipment may be shown.  Other Vulcan Towing and Recovery Equipment is
     available from your local Vulcan Distributor.

    Click here to view this product's brochure


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