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    Vulcan pioneered integrated towing and recovery equipment in North America over a decade ago with the introduction of the Vulcan 940. That spirit of innovation is still found today in the Vulcan V-30. This versatile medium duty model is ideally suited to handle a wide range of vehicles from passenger cars, medium duty trucks, city tractors, and motor homes in both towing and recovery applications. Contact your local Vulcan Distributor to find out how the Vulcan V-30 can help increase your profits by handling your tough business demands.

     120" Stainless Steel Modular Body  Three Compartments Per Side
     Pass Thru Tunnel Box with 48" Suicide
     Lift Fork Storage, Driver & Passenger Side
     Adjustable Shelves  Manual Driver's Side Controls
     Passenger Side Lanyard Control for
     Hydraulic Rear jacks with Flipper Feet
     Tailboard D-Rings  Safety Chains in the Tailboard
     Planetary Winches  Winch Air Free Spool
     Spring Cable Tensioners  Dual Hydraulic Pump
     Three Sets of Lift Forks  4,000 lb. Strapless Wheel Retainers
     6,500 lb. Strapless Wheel Retainers  LED Body Lighting
     Tool Compartment Lighting  Gas Door Shocks
     Mud Flaps  
     SP 12000  VX2 Low Profile Body
     Air Shift PTO  Steel Light Pylon
     Work Lights  Emergency Lighting
     In-Cab Controls  Manual Controls - Passenger Side
     Wide Load Light Bar  Air & Electrical Hookups
     Hand Rails   Additional Lifting Attachments
     Installation  Many Other Popular Vulcan Options
     Retracted at 30°  32,000 lbs.
     Extended at 30°  12,000 lbs.
     Maximum Lift Angle  36°
     Maximum Hook Height  160"
     Reach Past Tailboard at 30°  54"
     Retracted with Forks  12,000 lbs.
     Extended with Forks  8,500 lbs.
     Extended with Wheel Retainers  4,000 lbs. / 6,500 lbs.
     Maximum Reach to Center of Forks
     at the Normal Tow Position
     Positive Tilt  20°
     Negative Tilt  10°
     Tow Rating  32,000 lbs.
     Rating (1st layer of drum) each Winch  15,000 lbs.
     Diameter and Length  (each Winch)  1/2" x 150'
     Cable Type  6 x 37 IWRC
     GVWR  26,500 - 30,000 lbs.
     Maximum Frame Height  38"
     Maximum Tire Size  255/70 R 22.5
     Clear C.A.  120"
     NOTE:  All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities or capabilities.
    Vulcan reserves the right, without notice and without obligation, to improve or modify products, which may change the specification, models and feature availability.
    Some optional equipment may be show.  Other Vulcan Towing and Recovery Equipment is available from your local Vulcan Distributor.

    Click here to view this product's brochure



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