Midnight Express

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    Ideally suited for high-volume towing, impound and repossession work, the Midnight Express is designed to be fast, easy and safe to operate.  The driver can function the boom and hydraulic wheel lift from the safety and convenience of the cab and even pick up parallel parked vehicles at a 90° angle.  Always remember to use your safety straps, safety chains, and tow lights before towing.  Call 1-800-292-0330 or contact your local Century distributor for more information on the answer to high-volume towing the fast and easy way, the Midnight Express by Century.


     Integrated Boom & Wheel Lift System  Century Express Hydraulic Hook-Up
     Safety Chains in Rear Pockets
     5/16, Grade 70
     In-Cab Remote Control Pendant on Cord
     with 10 Functions
     1 Pair of Safety Straps  Clutch Pump
     Steel Light Pylon  Tool Compartment, Left & Right Hand Side
     Adjustable Width Steel Modular Body  Back-Up Alarm
     Removable Access Plate for Hydraulic
     Valve Service
     8,000 lb. Variable Speed Hydraulic Winch
     3/8" x 100' Cable Assembly (301M)  360° Directional Boom End Swivel (301M)
     Federal Standard #108 Light Group  Wiring Harness with Junction Box
     Mud Flaps  Self Centering Crossbar with 3" Pivot Pin
     Power Fold for Stinger Storage  Trailer Hitch Attachment
     Pre-assembled and Tested  


     Composite Aluminum or Stainless
     Steel Body
     Switch Panel
     Motorcycle Attachment  Lockable Go-Jak Storage Brackets
     Dolly Bunks  Fuel & Trash Can with Storage Brackets
     Aluminum Tubular Light Pylon
     (Standard with Composite Body)
     Emergency Lighting
     Work Lights  Front Push Bumper
     24" Tunnel Toolbox for 84" C.A.  Many other Popular Century Options


     At Boom End Swivel  8,000 lbs.


     Retracted Distance from Tailgate
     at Normal Tow Position
     Extended Distance from Tailgate
     at Normal Loading Position
     Lift Rating  4,000 lbs.
     Tow Rating  7,500 lbs.


     Rating - First Layer of Drum  8,000 lbs.
     Diameter and Length  3/8" x 100'
     Type  6 x 19 Hemp Center, IPS
     GVWR  10,000 - 19,000 lbs.
     Minimum Cab to Axle (Clear)  60"
     Maximum Cab to Axle (Clear)  84"

    All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capabilities.  Specifications shown are  approximations and may vary depending on chassis selected.  Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc reserves the right to change or modify product and or specifications without notice or obligation.  Some equipment shown is optional.

    Click here to view this product's brochure


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