The SP20,000
     was designed for those operators wanting to add both stability and side pulling abilities to their heavy duty carrier and wreckers. With a 20,000lb winch and large stabilizer legs the SP20,000 becomes the clear choice. The SP20,000 has proven to be a great retrofit to existing trucks. The SP20,000 was designed with input from towers encompassing all the features you asked for. Find out for yourself why the SP20,000 has the best weight, the best recovery features and offers the best value in the industry.

    Pulling from the Side- Utilizing the Sidepuller allows for the wrecker to stay on secure ground. Hydraulic Plumbing Schematic

    Hydraulic Plumbing Schematic for 2009 or later models

    The SP20,000 is specifically designed for use on chassis with a minimum GVWR of 33,0000 lbs.

    The SP20,000 Comes with its own hydraulic system pre plumbed and wired. Our preinstalled valve body has a power beyond port helping to make installation a snap. You can see plumbing diagram in our operators manual.

    The SP20,000 comes with a full function wired remote control that is pre wired, all you need to provide is a fused 12 volt power supply. The wired remote control operates the stabilizer legs, winch, and winch free spool.

    The SP20,000 comes with 2 removable D-Rings and pins that can be used in any of the 8 possible pulling locations on the Side Puller.

    The SP20,000 comes with a removable outer boom head. By allowing you the operator to decide whether to pull from the center boom head or to install the removable boom head; we have given you more choices in pulling direction then any other model in the industry.

    The SP20,000 Comes with stabilizer feet that offer both a pavement pad and grouser in a simple to use flip out design. The flipper foot also incorporates a low pulling point to attach a snatch block giving you the ultimate in low pulling features

    The SP20,000 comes in a ready to paint PPG brand primer finish giving you the option to color match the SP to your tow truck.

    The SP20,000 comes with a 20,000 lb Planetary Drive High Speed winch. Also included are a winch line tensioner, 150 ft of 9/16” wire rope and air free spool release.

    The SP20,000 hydraulic stabilizer legs have internal lock valves that prevent the leg from retracting in the event of a hose failure offering added safety.

    The SP20,000 comes with operations manual and detailed installation procedures.

    SP20,000 RATINGS


    20,000 lbs.


    20,000 lbs.

    Stiff Leg

    20,000 lbs.




     20,000 lb. Planetary Winch

     Eight Tie-Back Points

     Winch Tensioner & Air Free-Spool

     Two Removable D-Rings

     Flipper Foot Spades

    Removable Outer Boom Head

     Hydraulic Stiff Legs

     Center Pivoting Boom Head

     Wire Rope - 9/16" x 150'

     Full Function Wired Remote with 20' Cord

     Primer Finish



    Lightbar Mount

    Hook Transfer Tray


    Chassis GVRW  Class 7

    30,000 lbs.

    Additional Cab to Axle Recommended


    Frame Height

    40" - 46"

    All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capabilities.  Specifications shown are approximations and may vary depending on chassis selected.  Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc reserves the right to change or modify product and or specifications without notice or obligation.  Some equipment shown is optional.  SP Series of side pullers is Patented under US Patent No. 7,950,892

    Click here for Operations Manual


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