SP8000™ Side Pullder
    Turn your new or used carrier into a recovery truck

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    With today's law enforcement requirement to keep one lane of traffic open, the  SP8000  allows you to do recoveries off the side of the truck without blocking the roadway. 

    SP8000™  solves problems such as being dispatched to a vehicle, and upon arrival, the vehicle is 20 feet down an embankment requiring a wrecker.  Once you have an SP8000™ on your carrier, you will have peace of mind that you will be able to solve any problem that comes along, from towing to recovery.

    Turn your new or used carrier into a recovery truck and decrease your fleet expense.    Why make costly insurance payments on your existing wrecker and carrier when you can do the job with one truck instead of two?  By installing the
    SP8000™ on your carrier,  you will increase your profits with one unit.

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    Ramsey 8,000 lb. Hydraulic Planetary Winch

    Custom Paint





    Winch Tensioner and Free Spool

    Wireless Remote Control





    Four tie back points

    Alley Lights





    Mechanical stiff legs

    Ice Grousers





    Removable Boom Head

    Hydraulic Stiff Legs





    Painted Flat Black

    Light Bar Mount





    Twelve Month Limited Warranty






    100  foot of 3/8 "  wire rope












    Can be installed on existing carriers or wreckers, only requires 7" between cab and body to install






    Easy installation, with step by step installation manual included.  Unit can also be dealer installed.






    Provides extra cab structure protection, in the event the car on deck comes loose, (a true cab protector)






    May be removed and installed on other trucks.






    Allows one truck to do the work of two.






    Weighs only 700 lbs, and adds more weight to your front axle.






    Excellent resale value
















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