SP 8000

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Car carriers have been increasingly popular over the recent years due to the growing number of all wheel drive vehicles, their versatility to haul varied loads, and the ability to transport multiple vehicles.  The one major drawback has been the lack of recovery capabilities, but that has changed with the SP 8000 Sidepuller.  The Sidepuller is available with manual or hydraulic stiff legs and a 9,000 lb. winch that allows you to perform recovery work from either side of the carrier with minimal lane blockage.  The Sidepuller can also be installed on a light-duty tow truck and for industrial carriers or a heavy duty unit the SP 20,000 is available with 20,000 lb. capacity.  Add recovery capabilities and versatility to your next unit with a SP Sidepuller.


 Boom  8,000 lbs.
 Winch  9,000 lbs.
 Stiff Leg  8,000 lbs.
 Weight  624 lbs.


 9,000 lb. Planetary Winch  Center Pivoting Boom Head
 Winch Tensioner & Free-Spool  Removable Outer Boom Head
 Eight Tie-Back Points  Painted in Flat Black
 Manual Stiff Legs  Wire Rope - 3/8" x 100'


 Lightbar Mount  Hydraulic Stiff Legs (Driver's Side Controls)
 Extended Leg - For Frame Heights 36" - 42"  Wired or Wireless Winch Control
 Ice Grouser  


 Chassis GVRW  15,000 lbs. - 26,000 lbs.
 Additional Cab to Axle Required
 Additional Cab to Axle Required
 Frame Height  32" - 34"
All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capabilities.  Specifications shown are  approximations and may vary depending on chassis selected.  Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc reserves the right to change or modify product and or specifications without notice or obligation.  Some equipment shown is optional.

Click here to view this product's brochure

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