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WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts


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WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts


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Vulcan has added an entirely new dimension to the concept of  transport, thanks to its 12 and 16 Series LCG™ (Low Center of Gravity) carriers .  Their patent-pending design lowers the deck height by as much as five to six inches over that of conventional carriers.  The result is better stability during transport, the abiltiy to haul taller loads and increased operator safety because the operator can easily secure the load while standing safely on the ground.  Finally, the LCG™'s innovative design includes a load angle that's as low as  a 11 degrees when mounted on most air-ride chassis with the air dumped or 7 1/2 degrees with the SST™ option.  Your new 16 Series LCG™ is available in deck lengths from 21' to 26' with a capacity of 16,000 lbs. and a wide variety of options to fit your specific transport needs.

Standard Features 12 & 16 Series

Platform Available in Aluminum or Steel Bed Built 102" Wide
Floor Level Side with Stake Pockets (Steel) 11 Key Slot Package (Steel)
Tri-Hollow Tube Rails (Aluminum) 4 Key Slot Package (Aluminum)
210" Full Length Subframe Full Length Slide Pads
Right and Left Chain Trays Bed Anti-tilt Lockout
Safety Chains (2-front, 2-rear) Positive Lock-Down
Painted in Black Acrylic Enamel (Steel Only) Two Lift Cylinders
Left & Right Side Illuminated Controls One Extension Cylinder
Federal Standard #108 LED Lighting Winch Clutch Release
8,000 lb. Hydraulic Winch w/50' Cable Cable Tensioner
Full Function Wheel Lift System Cable Roller Guide
Slide-In L-Arms With Anti-Theft Storage Tow Light Socket
Pre-Wired Electrical Junction Box Mud Flaps
Back-Up Lights & Alarm Hydraulic Pump
Adjustable Rear Stablizer  

Optional Features

Frame Mounted Headboard
    (Requires 6" Additional CA)
9,000 lb. or 12,000 lb. Planetary Winch
Tribox Frame Mounted Headboard
    (Requires 8" Additional CA)
Wired or Wireless Winch Remote
Bed Mounted Headboard Side Mount Winch
Solid Tube Side Rails (Steel, N/C) Galvanized Subframe
Steel Removable Tube Rails SP 8000 Sidepuller
Aluminum Removable Tube Rails 8 Key Slot Package (Aluminum)
Aluminum Removable Blade Rails Additional Key Slots
Optional Color on Top
      of Deck & Side Rails (Steel)
Smooth Floor in Lieu
      of Tread Plate (Steel)
Steel or Aluminum Tool Compartments Wood Floor
Work Lights (Rear, Pylon or Winch Mounted) Rumber Flooring
Various Chain & Strap Assemblies PTO
Vulcan's Strapless Wheel Retainer System Switch Panel
Auto-Grip Wheel Lift Emergency Lighting
Dock Stabilizer in Lieu of Wheel Lift SST™ Option (12 Series Only)

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Load Rating * 12,000 lbs. 16,000 lbs.
Platform Length 21', 21 1/2', 22' 21', 21 1/2', 22', 23', 24' 25', 26'
Platform Floorplate Thickness 3/16" 3/16"
Platform Width (Outside) 102" 102"
Platform Width (Inside)** 96.5" to 101" 96.5" to 101"
Platform Mainbeam 6" I-Beam 6" I-Beam
Platform Crossmembers (Steel) 2" x 2" Cor-ten Tube 3" x 3" Cor-ten Tube
Platform Crossmembers (Alum) 2 1/4" 3"
Crossmember Spacing (Steel) 8" On Center 8" On Center
Crossmember Spacing (Alum) 4" On Center 4" On Center
Subframe Rails 5" x 3" x 5/16" H.S. Tube 5" x 3" x 3/8" H.S. Tube
Rear Pivot 1 Piece 1 1/2" Diameter 1 Piece 1 1/2" Diameter
Winch (1st Layer) 8,000 lb. Worm 8,000 lb. Worm
Cable 3/8"x 50' 3/8"x 50'
Bed Tilt Cylinders 3" Bore 3 1/2" Bore
Bed Extension Cylinders 3 1/2" Bore x 120" Stroke 3 1/2" Bore x 120" Stroke
Wheel Lift Reach (Extended) 68" 72"
Wheel Lift Rating (Extended) 3,500 lbs. 4,000 lbs.
Tow Rating 10,000 lbs. 10,000 lbs.
* Platform rating is based on equally distributed load.
** Inside Bed Widths will vary based on Siderail Option.

Chassis Recommendations

 12  Series

 16  Series

Minimum Frame Length Behind Center of Rear Axle

Minimum Frame Height 33" 36"
Maximum Frame Height 38" 40"
GVWR 19,5000 lbs. - 26,000 lbs. 26,000 lbs. - 33,000 lbs.
Wheel & Tire Size 19.5 22.5
●  Chassis components directly behind the cab must be 2" below the top of the truck frame.
●   The outside frame rails of the chassis extending behind the cab must be free of fuel tanks, air tanks, exhaust stacks, etc.
●  The LCG™ carrier is not compatible with chassis that have inboard mid-ship fuel tanks such as the Ford 550 and Dodge 5500.  Fuel tanks must be under the cab.  Fuel tanks can extend up to six inches behind the cab only in combination with a frame-mounted pylon.  Fuel fill must not be behind the cab.
●  The preferred location for the battery box is under the passenger seat or under the cab, battery boxes in other locations may require relocation.
●  Air-bag rear suspensions are recommended for the lowest possible load angle but the LCG™ carrier can be mounted on some chassis with leaf spring suspensions.  The top of the truck frame must not be more than 3 3/4 inches below the top of the tires with the airbag suspension deflated.  Chassis that do not employ helper spring pads as International 4300 and Ford F650 have no installation issues.  Chassis such as Hino will need the helper spring pads lowered.
●  In-Line horizontal exhaust systems on some chassis with 2010 emissions that require DEF may interfere with inboard tilt cylinders and an alternate exhaust configuration should be selected.
●  A minimum clearance of 49" between the inside of the rear tires is required.




Carrier Deck
Length (FT.)

Clear C.A.

Min. Frame RBM
(Each Rail Inch Lbs.)

Min. Frame RBM
(Each Rail Inch Lbs.)

21' 138" 600,000 in-lbs. 600,000 in-lbs.
21 1/2' 144" 600,000 in-lbs. 800,000 in-lbs.
22' 150" 600,000 in-lbs. 800,000 in-lbs.
23'* 156"   1,200,000 in-lbs.
24'* 166"   1,200,000 in-lbs.
25'* 170"   1,200,000 in-lbs.
26'* 182"   1,200,000 in-lbs.
* Not available on 12 Series LCG™
Add 6" to C.A. for Frame Mounted Pylon
Add 12" to C.A. for SP 8000 Side Puller
NOTE:  All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities or capabilities.  Specifications shown are approximations and may vary depending on chassis selected.  Platform rating is based on an equally distributed load.  Actual payload carrying capacity is determined by the curb weight of the chassis and equipment and should not exceed the GVWR of the chassis.  Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc reserves the right to change or modify product and or specifications without notice or obligation.  Some equipment shown is optional.

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