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WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts


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WRECKERS For Sale,wrecker accessories,wrecker parts


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NV 50
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Innovation in Heavy-Duty Integrated
Towing and Recovery Equipment

The Vulcan NV-50 is one of the most versatile and affordable medium/heavy duty towing and recovery units you can own.  This rugged unit with a 25 ton integrated recovery boom is designed to be installed on either a single or tandem axle chassis, depending on your specific application.  With years of proven field experience, the Vulcan NV-50 underlift provides adequate reach to tow a wide range of vehicles including R.V.'s, straight trucks and tractors.  As with all Vulcan products, the NV-50 is designed with the operator in mind.  Standard features include air operated winch clutch controls, air cable tensioners, in-cab underlift controls, and a full function remote lanyard control.  At Vulcan we don't sacrifice on features or safety in your new NV-50.  Call your local Vulcan Distributor to find just how easy it is to increase your profitability with a new Vulcan NV-50. 


 96" Wide Aluminum Modular Body  Remote Keyless Lock/Unlock for Toolboxes
 Dual Control Stations with Direct Link
 Activated Levers
 Full 15 Function Remote Lanyard Controls
 (passenger side)
 Underlift In-Cab Controls  9-Way Switch Panel
 Dual Pressure Gauges  Independent Hydraulic Rear Spades
 Pavement Pads
 (n/a with Flipper Feet Opt.)
 Lower Work Lights
 Mud Flaps  Tailboard Fork & Chain Storage
 Fork Holders  Safety Chains in Rear Pockets
 2 Section Hydraulic Pump  Light Pylon 
 Tailboard D-Rings  LED Lighting
 Aluminum Tread-Plate Walkway  LED Toolbox Lighting
 Adjustable Shelves  Dual Chain Racks
 Air & Electrical Hook-UP  Rubber Isolators for Body Mounting


 Power Elevation  Power Extension
 Dual Hydraulic Winches  Air Cable Tensioners
 Air Free Spool   360° Sheave Head
 Cable Tie Backs  Tailboard Recovery Anchors
 Spherical Bearings in Main Boom Pivot  Single Grease Fitting for Lubrication of
 Inner Boom Top Pad


 Power Elevation & Extension  Hydraulic Fold
 Patented Power Tilt  3-Stage Design
 1 Piece Pivot Pin  Upper/Lower Thrust Washer
 Low Profile Crossbar  70° Pivoting Crossbar
 6 Pairs of Lifting Attachments  1 Pair Hook Adapters
 Low Profile Fork Receivers  High Stands
 1 Pair Spring Lift Adapters  King Pin Lifting Plate


 SP 20000  Air Shift PTO
 Heavy Duty Tire Lift  Multi-Positional Flipper Feet
 Chain Hook Slide Adapter  Tire Lift Storage Brackets
 5th Wheel Plate
 (requires pintle hook attachment)
 Pintle Hook Attachment
 Trailer Ball Adapter
 (requires pintle hook attachment)
 King Pin Attachment
 (requires pintle hook attachment)
 Underlift Light Kit  Additional Lift Forks
 Boom Angle Indicator  Additional Lighting
 Endless Loop Sling Package  Chain Package
 Wireless Remote Control  Screw Pin Shackle Kit
 Power Touch System  Side Work Lights
 3 or 7 Drawer Toolbox  Tailboard Underlift Controls
 Engine Data Info Center  Washdown Sink
 Wide Load Light Bar  Snatch Blocks
 Navigation System & Rear Camera  Rear Camera & Monitor
 Aluminum Dress-Up Kits  Convenience Groups


 Boom Structural Rating (S.A.E.) Retracted 30° Extended 30°
  50,000 lbs. 15,000 lbs.
 Maximum Angle  30°
 Maximum Hook Height (inches)  228"
 Reach Past Tailboard at
 Minimum Boom Angle (inches)


 Capacity Fully Extended
 to C.L. of Forks
 15,000 lbs. @ 116"
 Capacity Fully Retracted
 to C.L. of Forks
 25,000 lbs. @ 53"
 Underlift Tilt  12° +    6° -
 Winch Capacity  (2) 25,000 lbs.
 Winch Type  Planetary or Worm
 Cable Specifications  5/8" x 200' 6x37 I.W.R.C.


 NV-50 - Single Axle  
    Common Body Configuration  156" C.A.
    Additional Body Configurations  186" C.A.


 NV-50 - Single Axle
  Front Axle (lbs.)  12,000
  Rear Axle (lbs.)  21,000
  Clear C.A. or C.B.  156" to 186" C.A.
  After Frame from Center of Rear Axle  36 1/2"
  R.B.M. (in./lbs.)  1,650,000                   
 NOTE:  Some optional equipment may be shown.  Other Vulcan Towing and Recovery Equipment is available from your local Vulcan Distributor.
 NOTE:  Ratings are based on structural factors only - not chassis capacity.  All chassis specifications are minimums, heavier specifications may be required depending on chassis and equipment weights.  Vulcan reserves the right, without notice and without obligation, to improve or modify products, which may change the specifications, models and feature availability.

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